Ongoing Projects

At Almana Maples, Setting a plan is much more than just setting timelines and adhering to your due dates. Planning is quality practice, for projects, events and even day-to-day implementation to your life. Having a detailed, structured plan is what the Design Process encompasses. It is a series of steps that one follows during the formulation of a product from start-to-finish. In short, the design process is a four-step design thinking process. For us at Almana Maples, the process includes, but not limited to: identifying opportunities, creating sketches, determining requirements of your product, developing a style guide, and then identifying and rectifying any problems your product may have.

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What We Do

Residential Design

At Residential Design Services, we feel there really is only one way to approach the installation of your home interior the right way. What makes us stand out in a very competitive industry is pride. Pride in craftsmanship, pride in service, and pride in striving to be the best. From your very first contact with us we hope you will feel the pride and personal touch that separates from the rest of the other companies. It's important to us that you know, your satisfaction with our services and products is our number one priority.

Office Design

Gone are the days when offices were typically cubicle, surrounded by white walls and lit by white fluorescent lights. We work towards in creating unconventional workplaces, more people are embracing the idea that creative work environment helps stimulate minds and inspire innovation. From simply avoiding the crisp white walls for graphical wallpapers to a total overhaul of the office layout, we are all trying to break the mold and introduce a unique working environment to the team, and hopefully inspire some genius ideas along the way.

Commercial Design

At Almana Maples our outlook for commercial design projects continuing to improve, Residential Design Services and Commercial Design Services has made a substantial investment in our sales and design team. We are well-versed on the latest commercially-rated flooring materials and finishes. The project professionals understand the unique balance between function and aesthetics and are committed to addressing the commercial clients' needs with that objective in mind.

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